Borgo Pio - Rome

Religious objects in the heart of Borgo Pio

In the centre of Rione Borgo Pio at number 151 is the Comandini company which, in over sixty years of business has become a benchmark in the field of religious objects throughout the land.


Borgo Pio is one of the most historic districts of Rome. Located just outside the Pontifical walls along the right bank of the Tiber. In the past in this district, many historical figures had their house, life, death and burial. Consider that the historical roots of this place go back to Etruscan times.

Borgo Pio is close to St Peter's Basilica. This offers the opportunity to experience the spirituality of its surroundings, of which the district is almost an appendage. Comandini is in the heart of Borgo Pio, n.151 in Rome.
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